Finding the Best Water Heater in Toronto

In HVAC, the best equipment is the most suitable one to your home. That’s why we take you on a step-by-step journey to find it. We present, you decide.

Finding the Best Water Heater in Toronto

Water Heater Services

Hey! Why Are You Here?

The reason you are on this page is probably one of the below:

Water Not Warm Enough

Frustrating, especially during a shower.

Heater Wearing Out

If it’s 12+ years old, you run the risk of contaminated water.

Rusty Water or Equipment

A sign that your equipment is too old to be healthy.

Why Choose Homestandard

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Fully Licensed Technicians:

Certified by the Technical and Safety Standards Association.

72 % Referral Rates:

Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth.

Price-Match Guarantee

You can be sure our prices are not “salted”.

Free Gifts:

FREE Smart thermostat (worths $200 ), humidifier (worths $200 ) or furnace maintenance (indefinite value).

Get $2750 in Rebate

Get up to $2750 in rebate for your new furnace. Limited time offer. Call us for more details.416-800-9608/ 416-723-1833

1, Smart Thermostat. 
2, FREE Humidifier
3, Furnace Maintenance

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