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Lennox Air Purification System

Product Description: 

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)MERV-16
Filtration Levels: Hospital GradeYes
Filtration Levels: Larger ParticlesRemoves Up To 99.99% Down to 3 Microns**
Filtration Levels: Finer ParticlesRemoves Up To 95% Down to 0.3 Microns**
Whole-Home ApplicationYes
OzoneReduces and removes ozone
HVAC System CompatibilityAll HVAC system types
Filter LifeUp to 12 Months
PureAir® (PCO) Cartridge Life12 Months rated
Lamp Life12 Months rated
Electrical Rating120/230V; 50/60 Hz; 150 watts; 1.2 / .65 amps
Replacement Filter OptionsPureAir® replacement kits
Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components*
Legal*1-year limited warranty on covered components when used in non-residential applications. ** Based on lab tests conducted on filters with conditions included in ASHRAE standard 52.2 for E1 and E3 size ranges.

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